‚ÄčTheresa Schlossberg obtained a Bachelor's degree in Film & Television Critical Studies from the University of Southern California and her Masters in Fine Art from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco.  Best known for her bold Abstract Expressionist paintings, and botanical ink drawings, Theresa's works are representative of her eclectic interests and influences.  Whether a comic book or a piece of music, these external influences help formulate color, texture, and emotion within her works.  Ms. Schlossberg believes each art work shares a piece of her conscious and subconscious self, yet leaves space for individual interpretation and meaning.  Her works have recently been exhibited at Bass Concert Hall, Cedar Park Public Library as well as various venues throughout the Austin Area.  In addition to her Fine Art shows, Theresa travels throughout Texas to various Comic Conventions showcasing her "Fan Art" creations.   Catch her at Dallas Fan Expo 2018, Alamo City Comic Con 2018, and Wizard World Austin 2018!

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Artist:  Theresa Schlossberg

Photography by Zac Seewald Photography

T.Schlossberg; Photography by Zac Seewald Photography