The Rush of Fall - 10/23/2018

Fall has arrived, and with it, my busy season.  What that means for an artist focused on creating an Art Business?  A ton of exhibits, shows, markets, festivals and conventions!  Weekends use to be for rest, but for me, the artist, it is work time.  In truth, as an artist, one never stops working.  Time off doesn't exist. Sleep is optional.  No matter where I go,  I am constantly creating, doing research, updating sites, media, shopping pages, you name it.  Believe me when I say, "Running an art business is no for the faint of heart."

Trying to build a following, expand a portfolio, create product & prints, all takes time.  While I've been "showing" my work for a few years, and made a few sales, Nov 2017 thru Nov 2018 has been my first true year of making a whole-hearted go at building my business.  It has been a year of learning, finding what works, what doesn't, figuring out price points, marketing, and well, everything in between.  This year has helped me discover my demographic for each medium or genre of art within which I focus.  It has also shown me where my persona flaws reside and how to improve them.  Being open to learning and knowing this first year isn't about making money, but learning HOW to make money, has kept me realistic in my expectations. 

Thus my Fall Season is booked solid with festivals, conventions, and a MAJOR exhibition.  I couldn't be more delighted at this forward progress. Through hard work and perseverance, I know my efforts are paying off one little bit at a time.

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