Commissions are available upon request.  Contact T. Schlossberg Fine Art at info@tschlossbergfineart.com or 512-643-5619 to request a quote.

All artwork is for sale.  Contact info@tschlossbergfineart.com for more information.  

Standard rental or Leasing artwork allows customers the opportunity to change out art work on a regular basis keeping their space fresh with new art every 3-4 months.  T. Schlossberg will personally install/uninstall the rental/leased artwork.

Are you a Home Stager  and need a shorter rental or lease? T. Schlossberg has you covered.  Short Term* leases are Month-to-Month and include installation and strike.  

Contact T.Schlossberg for pricing and leasing agreements @ info@tschlossbergfineart.com Today!

*Short term leases may be at a higher rate than long-term leasing.