All ORIGINALS are available for purchase unless marked otherwise. Contact for more info on how to purchase ARCHIVED originals.


"Not Amused" 11 x 14 inches
"Wake Up!"9x7 inchesSOLD
"Pounce"11 x 14 inchesSOLD
"Disguise"9 x 7 inches
"Iron Buzz"9 x 7 inches
"Potato Thor"9 x 7 inches
"Scarlet Jessie"9 x 7 inches
"Spider Slinky"9 x 7 inches
NEW! "Bo Peep Widow"9 x 7 inches
NEW! "Hawkeye"9 x 7 inches
NEW! "Captain Woody"9 x 7 inches
NEW! "Hulk Rex"9 x 7 inchesSOLD
"Um, that's not candy, Om Nom"9 x 7 inchesRETIRED
"Meditating Yoda"9 x 7 inchesRETIRED
"I am Groot, I Am Groot, I AM GROOT!"9 x 7 inchesSOLD
"Caught the Golden Stitch"9 x 7 inchesRETIRED
WINNIE THE PO8X10 inches[P]
Ducky Bunny "Ragnorok"8 x 10 Inches(P)
"Ducky Bunny Archers"8 x 10 Inches(P)
"Spidey Stitch v3 "8 x 10 inchesRETIRED
NEW! "Morales Stitch"8 x 10 inches(P)
"Spidey Stitch #2"8 x 10 Inches(P)
"I love you. I know."8 x 10 inches (Print Only)
"Venom"9 x 7 inchesSOLD
NEW! "Brightburn Stitch"8 x 10 inches
NEW! "Bat Stitch"8 x 10 inches
"Stitch Maul"9 x 7 inches
"Three Little Bears & a Porg"8 x 10 inches
"BB8 in Love"9 x 7 inches
NEW! "Assimilated"8 x 10 inches
"Spidey Stitch V2"9 x 7 inchesRETIRED
"Lorax & Baby Groot"8 x 10 inches
NEW! "BayTrooper"9 x 7 inchesSOLD
"Starlord Stitch"8 x 10 inchesSOLD
"Snow White & 9 Porg"9 x 7 inches
"Locutus of Porg"4 x 5 inchesSOLD
"BeeMax"9 x 7 inches
"RoboMax"9 x 7 inches
"IronMax"6 x 6 inches
"Platypus and a Pig"9 x 7 Inches
"Meega Nala Queesta!"5 x 5 inches
"Carnage Stitch V2"8 x 10 inchesRETIRED
"Lorax speaks Groot"8 x 10 inches
Pumpkin (Stitch) King9 x 7 inches
"Story Time"9 x 12 inches
"Spring Fairy"9 x 12 inchesSOLD
"Merida the Avenger"9 x 12 inchesSOLD
"THIEF!!!"5 x 5 inches
"Year of the Pig"5 x 4 inches
"Calvin, Hobbes, Hobbs & Shaw"10 x 10 inches
"Mother of Dragons"9 x 12 inchesSOLD
Custom CommissionSOLD
"Star & Tibbers"9 x 12 inches
"Penelope Von Marvel"5 x 5 inches
"Tribbacca"5 x 4 inchesSOLD
"The Lorax"4 x 5 inchesSOLD
"Roasting Pumpkins"9 x 7 inchesRETIRED
"Stupify!"9 x 7 inchesSOLD
"Doctor Star"9 x 7 inches
"Wonder Cat"9 x 7 inchesRETIRED
"Mushroom Family"9 x 7 inchesRETIRED
"Totoro in a Bottle"9 x 7 inchesSOLD
"Come to Pappa!"9 x 7 inchesSOLD
"Muddy Appa"9 x 7 inchesSOLD
"Sticky Situation"9 x 7 inchesSOLD
"Storm Breaker"9 x 7 inchesSOLD
"I'm Mary Poppins, Y'All!"9 x 7 inches
"Jedi Stitch"9 x 7 inchesRETIRED
"Chicken or Eeyore"9 x 7 inches
"Venom 1.0"9 x 7 InchesSOLD
"Phoenix Squadron"9 x 12 Inches
"Shazam!...I mean RAICHU!"9 x 7 inches